Her real name being Annet Charitonová, she is a Czech-Russian artist. Annet X started as a blogger and online fashion model. She began writing her own lyrics at the age of 8. Her popularity gradually increased with writing blogs and recording cover versions of songs sung in Russian and English.

The first major breakthrough for Annet X came with the single "TAKTOMABYT" in 2016, which featured a guest appearance by then already famous Ben Cristovao. The song reaped huge success and has garnered more than 6 million views on YouTube. The singer also introduced her to producers The Glowsticks, with whom Annet X then collaborated for some time.

However, it was a meeting with drummer and producer Radim (Champion Sound, Prago Union) that was crucial in steering her towards a whole new sound. In it, the punchiness of hip hop meets soul, R&B and funk.

In 2018 she released 4 alternative tunes in Czech language. A year later, she recorded the R&B ballad "Mon Ami" along with the English single "Another U". Later that year, she released another single in Czech called "On se vrátí" as well as her first EP called "X" containing 7 tracks.
Her debut album from 2020, titled "Až budu velká, chci být Aneta Charitonová", won her the Apollo music award for Best Czech Album of the Year.


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