David Koller was born on 27 September 1960 in Prague and is a Czech rock singer, composer and drummer.

He is one of the important musicians of the middle generation of Czech bigbeat. The author of many now classic hits, he became most famous as the leader of the rock band Lucie, where he worked from 1987 to 2005. 

He also performed in other rock bands (Kollerband, Pusa, Žentour, Jasná Páka, Blue Effect) and was also a music producer (Koistinen, Alice, Plexis, Oskar Petr, Walk Choc Ice, Lucie Bílá). Together with Michal Dvořák they composed the music for the films Amerika (1994), Poslední přesun (1995) and Mrtvej brouk (1998).

He has performed in the films Pražákům, těch je tu hej (1990), Akumulátor 1 (1994), and has guested with a number of bands and performers (Pražský výběr, Turbo, Žlutý pes, Hudba Praha, P. Habera, H. Vondráčková, R. Müller, Anna K. and Miro Žbirka). He surprisingly left Lucia in November 2005 due to disagreements with his bandmates Robert Kodym and P.B.CH., only to reunite after almost ten years.

He uses a Furch 12-string guitar or a Godin 6-string.

He also worked as a concert drummer in the band Chinaski. This was after the tragic death of drummer Pavel Grohman when the band was scheduled to tour. Koller was Grohman's drumming role model.
Together with artist David Černý and filmmaker Alice Nellis, he was behind the creation of the MeetFactory cultural centre, which opened in 2007.
Koller's son Adam is also a drummer and sometimes plays in bands with his father.

His latest album, LP XXIII, was released on 24 February this year.