The Women's String Quartet is composed of members of the Prague Symphony Orchestra FOK,
which, together with the Czech Philharmonic and the City Library Music Library, will be based in the Vltava
Philharmonic. The future music centre of the Czech Republic, which will be built on the banks of the Vltava just
a short walk from the Prague Exhibition Centre in the Vltavská area, is dedicated to today's concert. During the concert will be
visualizations of the Vltava Philharmonic will be projected. A model of the Vltava Philharmonic building can be
in the Festival Lounge.

Eve Quartet - four women who are not afraid to take on any challenge in the field of classical and popular music
and bring these different worlds together in one evening. The ensemble's repertoire includes highlights of world
quartet literature, swing, chanson, jazz and rock.


1st violin: Marie Jírová

2nd violin: Vladislava Hořovská

Viola: Zuzana Peřinová

Cello: Petra Malíšková

Over the years, the Eve Quartet has collaborated with many personalities of the Czech and international cultural scene, such as Marie Rottrová, Dagmar Pecková, Dan Bárta, Petr Malásek, Lenka Nová, Michal Horáček, Emil Viklický, Epoque Quartet, Iva Pazderková, Igor Orozovič and others. Worth mentioning are the joint performance with the famous Australian guitarist Tommy Emmanuel, the reconstruction of the Pink Floyd concert The Wall and the concert Petr Hapka Lives in 02 Arena. The quartet has also been performing on the theatre stage for a long time - on the stage of the National Theatre they performed in the play Letters Intimate with Jiří Štěpnička or in Shakespeare's Sonnets with Václav Postránecký.

This year, for FOK, they prepared a programme Romain Rolland on Beethoven with Igor Orozovich at the Viola Theatre. An integral and joyful part of the creative activity of the women's quartet are performances for children.


When and where?

24.6.2023 17:45 - 18:15