James Harries is a popular alternative/indie star and musician living in the Czech Republic. In 1990 he moved to Prague, where he permanently settled and acquired Czech citizenship. He recorded his debut album "Chapter IV" in 2001 and released it on his own label Little Duck Records. Even though the Manchester native will celebrate his 50th birthday next year, he is not slowing down and has prepared a new album called "HIRAETH", with which he is going on tour this year to conquer Czech stages both solo and with his band.

James' catchy blend of folk, rock and country has captivated countless listeners around the world. He is a fixture on the front pages of world magazines, the darling of the Czech airwaves and his songs have millions of views on Spotify. His energy-packed singles regularly top the charts.

Since 2002, James has recorded six critically acclaimed albums. He is also the first musician to record his official album on a mobile phone. "Voice Memos: A Collection Of Songs I Recorded On My Phone", as the compilation is called, was created during a European autumn tour. The recording contains ten songs recorded in different places in Europe. He then made it available in digital form for all his fans to download from his website without any modifications. It is also interesting to note that James himself created a cover for his album, in two versions – one for right-handed people and one for left-handed people. The penultimate album, "Superstition" (2020), was released coincidentally just before the much-discussed Brexit, about which Harries has spoken very unflatteringly.

Nor is he a newcomer to film production, with hit songs in movies such as Snowboarders, The Rafters, Grapes and Fall of the Innocent. Rolling Stone magazine said of James that he has an unmistakable "golden voice", like that of Jeff Buckley or Damien Rice. Hear for yourself at Metronome Prague 2023.


When and where?

24.6.2023 18:15 - 19:15