The British multi-genre band Jamiroquai was formed in 1992. Jay and his band got off to a very promising start and became one of the most original bands of the early 90s. Its founder and frontman is singer and songwriter Jay Kay, proper name Jason Luis Cheetham, born on December 30, 1969 in Stretford, England.

The group emerged from London's acid jazz underground and has released eight studio albums during its existence, selling over 26 million worldwide. Combining acid jazz, funk, soul and disco in an original way, the band has broken into the UK Top 10 seven times and reached the very top of the chart with three albums. Jamiroquai have also won a Grammy, been nominated for Brit Awards, and even have a Guinness Book of World Records entry for the best-selling funk album of all time.

Already with their 1993 debut "Emergency on Planet Earth", Jamiroquai created a new genre of music that has influenced many other musicians and artists. In the following years, the group released seven more albums: "The Return of the Space Cowboy" (1994), "Travelling Without Moving" (1997), "Synchronized" (1999), "A Funk Odyssey" (2001), "Dynamite" (2005), "High Times: Singles 1992-2006" (2006), "Rock Dust Light Star" (2010) and the most recent "Automaton" (2017).

The band's title was created by combining the name of the Iroquois tribe and the polysemous word "jam". Thus, Jamiroquai was born, the jamming Iroquois who follow the Native American natural philosophy of "orenda". The name is used to refer both to the band and to Jay Kay himself.

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