LU2 VINYL FLEXER combines creative mixing with precise technical scratching and refined musical taste. Fusing the best urban classics with a new generation of amazing bass and turntablist tricks, synthablism and finger drumming, he takes the art of blending to a whole new level.

LU2, who gives himself the epithet "Vinyl Flexer", is an experienced player, winner of many scratching competitions and one of the most outstanding Czech turntablists. He has done countless performances and collabs with leading rappers of the Czech hip hop scene, and teaches newcomers the art of DJing in his school. You may also know him from his YouTube channel, where he has made several instructional videos and hour-long streams.

Since 2009, he has been part of various competitions: the DMC, IDA, Red Bull 3style, etc. He collaborates with music festivals and leading Czech artists in the rap subculture, such as Yzomandias, Gleb or Decky Beats.

Since 2019 he is an ambassador of the global Reloop Team and, where he creates a DJ section for which he prepares videos and streams in Czech language.
LU2 is one third of the project "DRO" (Divadelní Rapový Orchestr) & Sergei Barracuda’s tour DJ.


When and where?

24.6.2023 03:15 - 04:45