His real name being Matyáš Ožana, he is the PR manager of the Beats for Love festival.

You can regularly meet Mathias as a resident of the Fabric club in Ostrava, where he also manages the program, and of course as a guest of prestigious Czech clubs. His love for house music is evident in every performance. If you ever visit the Czech monster festival Beats for Love, you can meet him there too, as he is an integral part of the organizing team. He has a rich musical history, where as a member of Helax radio or the now forgotten portal, he has been to countless interesting venues and events where various DJs have used his talent in playing the saxophone.

Mathiass O'zana is a DJ and a sort of public face of B4L promotion. His favourite genres include house music, which he likes to play around with, and he experiments with funky arrangements. Generally, he plays softer forms of house music, but sometimes he is not afraid to turn it up a notch, so there is the occasional techno.

For the first three to four years of his career he played mainly at discotheques, where he alternated between r'n'b, Czech stuff and even pop. Since 2009, however, his work has started to break into pure club music. He gravitated more and more towards it, until finally he stayed with it.

Later he joined the Ostrava-Opava-Havířov DJ crew, which organized its own events.

In 2011 he performed together with Helax radio on their own stage at Colours of Ostrava. Two years later came Beats for Love, meeting Kamil Rudolf (director of the Beats for Love festival) and the organizing team. Since 2014 he has been working with his colleague Martin Klimánek on PR and marketing for the festival. In 2015, he was invited to the Fabric club in Ostrava, where he is still a resident.

Currently, he belongs among Ostrava's DJ stalwarts in house music genres and subgenres. He confirms this by playing in clubs such as Roxy or Chapeau Rouge in Prague, Fabric in Ostrava, Perpetuum or 7.nebe in Brno, Pantheon in Pilsen and many others in Slovakia and Poland.