Monkey Business is a Czech music group playing pop and funk. Along with J. A. R. and Sexy Dancers, it is another project of multi-instrumentalist and producer Roman Holý. The band got together in early 1999 and is still active today. Singer Matěj Ruppert was in Leguar GR, Oldřich Krejčoves was in Pan Pot, Pavel Mrázek and Martin Houdek came from Dorota B. B. (whom Roman Holý produced the 1994 album "Santa Puelo") and the US singer Tonya Graves hatched in the electronic-dance-oriented Liquid Harmony.

Tonya Graves joined the band after their first album. It came out in 2000 with the title Why Be In When You Could Be Out. By now, the band has released 10 studio albums and collected many awards. The record Resistance Is Futile was the album of the year in 2003. A year later, Lazy Youth Old Beggars won the DVD of the Year category. The album Kiss Me On My Ego brought a win in the pop & dance category at the Anděl Awards in 2006. The Group of the Year award went to Monkey Business 3 years later.

The current lineup is rounded out by the vocals of Tereza Černochová, who replaced Tonya Graves after her departure from the band in 2016.

You can experience them in full at Metronome Prague 2023.