Tolstoys - a journey into the world of colourful magic! 

Introducing Tolstoys, a unique Berlin-based band with roots in Slovakia and New Zealand. This summer they will present their new album "No Limit To Love", which combines witch trip-hop with psychedelic hippie rhythms.

Since their triumph in the 2017 Debut of the Year competition in Slovakia, Tolstoys have built an incredible reputation. They have showcased their mastery at more than 150 concerts, including prestigious festivals such as Eurosonic, BUSH, MENT, as well as locally popular ones (Pohoda, Grape, Colours of Ostrava).

They have shown their skills not only on home soil, but also on tours in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Germany. They have supported big names like Tom Odell, Lola Marsh and Easy Life. The band's frontwoman, Ela, has been ranked among Forbes' elite 30 under 30. And after the release of their second album, "Mirror Me", which was nominated for Album of the Year 2022, their faces appeared on a huge billboard in Times Square in New York.

Get ready for a dose of breathtaking music, incredible energy and a unique experience. The Tolstoys are ready to transport you to their world of dreams and endless love.