Zaz, by her own name Isabelle Geffroy, has enchanted the world with melodies that are a catchy blend of gypsy jazz, French chanson, melodic pop and swing, spiced up with street Schrammel music with a touch of Latin and flamenco.

She has devoted her whole life to music. At the age of five, she began attending the Conservatoire de Tours, where she studied music theory, violin, piano, guitar and, of course, singing. She continued her studies at the Conservatoire de Bordeaux and also began performing with a small orchestra at country dances. In the following years she changed several genres, sang in cabarets and played in the street.

And then came the fateful advert "Looking for a raspy, slightly ruined voice", by the composer and producer Kérredine. Her voice instantly struck a chord with him, and the debut album "Zaz" (2010) was born with the mega-hit "Je veux", which brought the singer worldwide success. Followed by the albums "Recto Verso" (2013), "Paris" (2014), "Sur la route" (2015), "Effet miroir" (2018) and "Isa" (2021), which brought Zaz immense popularity and an immeasurable army of fans.

Zaz is a distinctive singer with an irresistible charisma. She radiates positive energy far and wide, is open, immediate, irresistible – both on stage and in everyday life. "I love singing, I love life, I love dancing. It all gives me an incredible amount of energy."

Zaz adores the Czech Republic and the Czech Republic adores Zaz - her open air concert at Metronome Prague 2023 will once again be one of those that will be talked about for a long time to come.