Metronome Prague will open with David Koller and Ukrainian Queens Orchestra

We are delighted to announce that David Koller and the Ukrainian Queens Orchestra will open Metronome Prague 2023. The first double concert of this year's edition will take place on Wednesday 21 June at the Moon Stage in the Prague Exhibition Grounds. The event starts at 6 pm. Tickets can be purchased from Wednesday 19 April, initially for 690Kč in a limited edition of 200 pieces, after which the price will increase. 
We invite you to the concert, which we have prepared in the context of international events. Musician David Koller and his band and the all-female Queens Orchestra will join forces. The ladies are currently staying outside Ukraine and their men are involved in the situation. We are happy that both they and David Koller have accepted the invitation and will open this year's Metronome. This extra evening has a special ticket that Metronome Prague 2023 season ticket holders can purchase at a discounted price.
The Queens Orchestra, an orchestral project of seventeen women who play more than twenty instruments under the baton of Oleksandra Korobkova, will present a diverse range of musical styles from modern classical music to jazz, rock, pop and other genres.
"The musicians and I are delighted to present the Ukrainian orchestra and Ukrainian culture at the famous festival in Prague. Moreover, Metronome is a jewel box with the most famous artists from different countries and styles. There will always be new, interesting meetings, exchanges of musical experiences. These are things that encourage creativity, so thank you very much for the invitation," Oleksandra Korobkova remarks, also mentioning her war-torn homeland. Of course, there are other things happening in the world and Ukraine is often no longer at the top of the European news agenda. But the war in our country continues. In the last month, two of my musician friends have died in the war: a talented young conductor and a singer. When I came to the Czech Republic to meet the festival organisers, I saw Ukrainian flags everywhere. I am incredibly grateful to everyone who supports our country and culture in such a difficult time for everyone. And I'm happy to express my gratitude through music and our performance at Metronome Prague."
It should be recalled that the lead singer of the band Lucie, David Koller, himself went to the Slovak-Ukrainian border last year in a van to help those in need, taking humanitarian aid especially to children and families with children.
The Czech stalwart released a new album this February, less than eight years after their previous album ČeskosLOVEnsko, called LP XXIII. It contains ten songs, in which the writer Jáchym Topol, as well as Márdi from Vypsané fixy, Jan Vávra, Matěj Belko, Michal Ambrož from Jasná Páky and Patrik Hartl shine.


18. 04. 2023