Good News for Music Lovers

We are just at the beginning of unveiling the performers for the upcoming year, and we already know it's going to be unforgettable! Unique performances await us, and there will even be birthday celebrations on our stages.


Have you ever wondered what it would be like if a marching band played techno? At Metronome Prague 2024, you can experience it firsthand. Together, we'll groove to the techno marching band MEUTE.

While we proudly stand as one of the most important metropolitan events in Prague, we don't take ourselves too seriously. That's why our director, David Gaydečka, is eagerly looking forward to MEUTE: "A bit of different perspective and humor won't hurt. And it especially applies to music. When brilliant musicians enjoy themselves with music and share musical humor with the audience, those are the best moments. I think Meute, an eleven-member big band coming from Germany to play well-known electronic tracks from various DJs in brass arrangements, will be exactly the musical journey that will lift us up next year."

The next edition will also be marked by celebrations! Two artists will celebrate their birthdays with us. The band KOSHEEN will bring their birthday show to Prague, reflecting on 25 years of their career. Another grand celebration is planned for June by MICHAEL KOCÁB, who will celebrate his 70th birthday with a unique concert. Returning to the Metronome stage after 4 years, he says: "It will be challenging, and if I don't collapse, then never. Fortunately, a number of my great musical friends will help me, so I have something to look forward to. So, I warmly invite you, and now I realize - just to be sure, I'll take the coffin I still have from one of Pražský výběr´s comebacks. You never know."

Certainly, there won't be any standing around during the concert of the Berlin duo MILKY CHANCE. We believe that the hits from their latest album will get under your skin.

However, on our stages, experienced musicians share the microphone with those who haven't been on the music scene for as long. Only 22-year-old SOFIAN MEDJMEDJ undoubtedly has a rich musical career ahead of him. He's nicknamed the Czech Harry Styles, and judging by the cheers of his fans at concerts, it sometimes seems that way. Fans of SOFIAN will surely also stay for the concert of the Czech indie-pop group LAKE MALAWI. Jan P. Muchow applauds them in the program, calling Albert Černý the best Czech songwriter who appeared after 2000. So, surely, he will head to their concert at Metronome.

Another Czech project we're big fans of is BERT&FRIENDS. But don't miss the performances of singer LENNY or the electro-pop trio WE ARE DOMI.

We look forward to June! Are you excited too?


14. 12. 2023