Listen to the podcasts created at Metronome Prague 2023

As you already know, Metronome Prague 2023 was not only marked by the music programme, but also by the non-music programme, Metronome Fair. You will be very excited about the podcasts of all kinds and topics that were filmed right in our venue.

The Dobrovský & Šídlo podcast with guest Mikuláš Minář brought an interesting topic not only about the failed entry into politics.

HoRe by Tomáš Poláček took a closer look at the famous group PSH and their 30 years of life at the top of Czech rap. They discussed wild parties and unforgettable experiences, but also the difficulties of staying among the best in the burgeoning music scene.

But it wasn't all about us and our country. The Forbes Podcast tackled the tough topic of the War in Ukraine and discussed the reality of the Russian invasion with Czech TV reporter Darja Stomatova.

The Pastoral Brothers presented an interesting story about the biblical crime of David and Bathsheba. While we all know how brave David was in defeating Goliath, this misstep with Bathsheba was quickly undone by the literal will of God.

Jan Bican with My Kids Talk on Metronome discussed with Luboš Kulíšek and Kristina Kratochvilová the pitfalls of being a creative in our modern world.

The heroism of volunteers Karolina and Fox in Ukraine was discussed by Čestmír Strakatý in Space X. The joyful moments of rescuing the nameless soldiers were interspersed with sadness for the fallen.

07. 08. 2023