London's Grime Legend Headlines Metronome Prague 2024

Rising from the gritty streets of London, rapper Ghetts, formerly known as Ghetto, defied the odds. With little regard for traditional education, he poured his soul into music with relentless dedication. Like many grime pioneers, his journey wasn't easy, but his struggles became the backbone of his razor-sharp, meticulously crafted lyrics. His debut mixtape "2000 & Life" in 2005 is hailed as a cornerstone of the entire grime genre.

Since then, he's released five more mixtapes and three studio albums, each project pushing the boundaries of the genre he helped shape. His latest masterpiece, "On Purpose, With Purpose," slated for release on February 23rd, promises to electrify audiences with its raw energy and unapologetic authenticity. With goosebumps already from the tracks released so far, anticipation is sky-high for his live performance in June. Get ready to witness the lyrical onslaught firsthand!

20. 02. 2024