Map of Metronome area

Plan your trips around the campus now! With this campus map in your pocket, you'll have everything at your fingertips! For example, you can go to one of our partners' zones.

In ČSOB Zón (1), they will meet the fun and allow you to experience the true festival atmosphere without weight. In the ČEZ Energy Zone (2) you can immerse yourself in creative workshops, take cool photos, try virtual reality or borrow a power bank. There will also be IQOS Zone (3), Desperados Zone (4) or Škoda Lounge (5) with its own cafe.

A new feature is the Podcast stage (6), where you can watch the filming of popular podcasts live, and the Opera Forum (7), which will host a number of interesting discussions and slam poetry.

Definitely head to the Met Gallery (contemporary art exhibition space, where you can participate in 3D printing one of the works. After the puppet theaters and the modern circus, go to (9) and in (10) you can take part in workshops and make something as a souvenir .

Metronome Fair (11) will offer a rich children's program as well as presentations by non-profit organizations, fun quizzes and escape games. For the most playful, there is a rope center (12) and a skate park (13). 

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🇨🇭 first aid

🚻 toiletes

👕 merchandise

🍔 bistro, restaurant

🍺 pub

🍻 beer in a glass

🍸 bar

🙂 fun zone

🪑 chill out zone

♿ barrier-free zone


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02. 06. 2023