Metronome Fair Reveals Bold Nonprofit Organizations

The Metronome Fair will bring a rich programme, the common denominator of which is courage.
Sometimes courage is just the decision to devote your energy and time to non-profit projects, and we are giving our colleagues from non-profit organisations at the Metronome Prague festival the space to show you why and what they are fighting for.

Below we present the best of our bold non-profit zone, innovative and inspiring projects:

Člověk v tísni is not an unknown organisation, but this year we will show it to you in a slightly unexpected light - presenting the new computer card game BeeCarbonize. This game will allow players to become the one who decides the fate of the planet. A strategic climate change simulation based on real research and scientific visions. The game was created by the great Czech studio Charles Games in cooperation with experts from People in Need. And you will be able to try it out at the festival!

Asking for help is not weakness, but courage. And it takes courage to stand up to stress! Experienced lecturers and trainers of Nevypusť duši, z.s. will guide you in their interactive programme how and why stress arises, what its presence tells us and what we can do about it.

Charita Česká republika has long supported those who have had to flee their homes, primarily as a result of war. Millions of refugees around the world live in very difficult conditions. In addition to the lack of income opportunities, the problem is mainly undignified accommodation. Come and experience first-hand what life in a makeshift shelter in a refugee settlement is like and learn the stories of those who have managed to rebuild their lives despite adversity.

Not everyone is lucky enough to be born completely healthy., z.s. is the first Czech patient organization focused on endometriosis. This is a disease that is not visible. And yet 10% of the female population struggles with severe pain and often does not even know about the symptoms of endometriosis. That's why we'll be talking about endometriosis at the festival and helping each other.

We want to offer something new in health care and so the Česká mikrobiomová společnost will be presenting. If you still don't believe that your health starts in your gut, renowned experts will try to convince you of that.

We are very pleased that you will also be able to attend the Stand Up: Proti obtěžování na veřejnosti workshop at the festival. This will teach you how to effectively and most importantly safely confront sexual harassment when you witness it. This workshop and a lot of interesting and important content will be prepared by Konsent.

And we are not forgetting recent history. Experts and enthusiasts from the association Političní vě have taken a bold step. They decided to save the "Chain Factory" in the Ore Mountains, which is part of the area of the silver and later uranium mine and the largest communist labour camp Rovnost near Jáchymov. The inconvenient past of this border place of memory was to be forgotten. The Political association wants to repair the chainsaw and transform it into a community and educational centre about totalitarianism in our country. You can find out more about the project, the people behind it and how you can support it at and at Metronome Prague.

Loono will present not only the perhaps more familiar #prsakoule, but also the Žiješ srdcem campaign. You will learn how to prevent cardiovascular diseases, how to detect them early, how to recognize the symptoms of heart attack and stroke early, as well as what to do if you experience a heart attack or stroke. Plus models of breasts and testicles and experienced lecturers to help us gain the courage and art to detect unpleasantness early.

Even our brave friends in nearby Ukraine, who are still bravely fighting against the Russian aggressor, will get a place at the festival. We will introduce you to the Music Saves UA project and give you the opportunity not only to donate, but to learn more about what is most needed now and how our support and help is impacting the daily lives of people in Ukraine.

The Civil Society Development Foundation will also be present with its Help the Children project. The iconic Chicken is celebrating 25 years and Metronome Prague is preparing a gift for Chicken. Be surprised!

And we are preparing a number of other interesting and important topics, such as family. A safe environment for children to grow up in. We feel that raising someone else's child is one of the most courageous things in the world, and that is why we will give space to organizations that help and find ways to support families and their children.
Enjoy the musical event of the summer to the fullest!

13. 04. 2023