Metronome Prague will be spicy – literally

Metronome Prague confirms its cooperation with Chilli Production for the promotion of the multicultural project. The merger with the full-service marketing agency promises a large portion of quality content, a well-thought-out and coherent strategy and a fully grasped omnichannel communication.

"Our vision is to build Metronome Prague into a brand with a strong base. We want people to come to Metronome for the experience, the comfort, the magic of Prague. It is essential for us that visitors do not wait for the headliners to be announced and have confidence and certainty that they will experience the true joy of spending time at Metronome Prague even with their whole family next time," plans Otta Kovařík, the head of the marketing agency.

Chilli Production from České Budějovice is no newcomer. It has been on the market for over 12 years and has collected a number of awards during its existence.  In 2021, with a project for the South Bohemian Gallery, Chilli won first place for its social media campaign in the Fénix content marketing competition. A year later, the agency was even more successful, winning two main categories - Content Marketing Strategy and Best Corporate Content Distribution. On top of that, it scooped the Lemur award for the promotion of the Malevich and Russian Avantgarde exhibition.

Metronome Prague is the first international music and art event to be held in Prague in the stunning grounds of Výstaviště Praha, adjacent to Stromovka, an ideal relaxation zone. Stars such as Nick Cave, Beck, Underworld, Sting, Chemical Brothers, Massive Attack, Iggy Pop, Morcheeba and Tom Odell have played at Metronome. The event's dramaturgy does not forget about domestic performers, who often offer a unique programme. The Metronome is not just about music, it has an overlap with art, for example, with plans to link up with a major art gallery in 2023.

"We are on the same wavelength. Chilli has a great overlap into the music industry, personal experience and great drive," David Gaydečka from Metronome Prague is looking forward to the promotional whirlwind. "I believe that with the new comprehensive communication we will take Metronome to the next level and the visitors will get content that will delight them. It's not just about selling tickets, it's about creating a brand. It's time to take the planned next step, which is necessary for the further growth of Metronome Prague and to give all Metronome people the best,“ adds Gaydečka.

I used to come to Metronome Prague as a visitor and on my first visit I thought this was a brand I would enjoy and would like to be a part of growing. If you wish for something really hard, it happens," laughs Otta Kovařík from Chilli Production.

"David and I clicked, we have the same ideas, the same vision and I know it's going to be a great collaboration. We'll be going full blast from October, we just high-fived last week, so we need to start working hard. We're going to be global. Locally global,“ he concludes.

25. 10. 2022