Michael Kiwanuka at Metronome Prague 2024

On Thursday, June 20, 2024, the Exhibition Grounds Holešovice will resonate with the talent of the British singer with Ugandan roots, Michael Kiwanuka. In his lyrics, he reflects on his past and uncertainties about himself. However, he optimistically looks towards better tomorrows, offering the opportunity to identify with the stories in his songs, thus gaining more fans worldwide.

"Michael Kiwanuka is one of the most acclaimed British artists. Imagine Van Morrison meeting Curtis Mayfield, and you're at home. In 2016, his second album Love & Hate topped the charts in the UK. In 2019, his album Kiwanuka was released to unanimous enthusiastic reviews. Mojo magazine even stated that it is a masterpiece defining his career. He is a great artist who puts every part of his heart and soul into his amazing live performances. Michael Kiwanuka is simply a real attraction," says Rob Cass, Abbey Road Studios Producer, exclusively for Metronome Prague 2024.


Come and listen to him live at Metronome Prague 2024!


24. 01. 2024