Podcasts have earned their own stage this year!

Attendees of this year's Metronome Prague can look forward to a special podcast stage, filled with interesting personalities and topics. "I appreciate the opportunity to present my show at Metronome and I'm looking forward to it. A live podcast is something different from sitting quietly in a studio with nobody watching you. But there's magic in seeing how people react to you and what you say," said Oto Klempíř, whose podcast K.O. will be one of those that festival attendees can listen to live.

The program also features podcasts like My děti ze stanice 2020 by Jan Bican, Fakta X, Nový svět, Čestmír Strakatý, or the duo Dobrovský & Šídlo from the Paměť národa production. Kristina Kratochvilová will focus on the topic of the Future of Music, preparing a series of interviews where she will invite guests from the music industry every day. This follows the themes of COURAGE and FUTURE, which will be reflected in every aspect of our rich program this year.


12. 04. 2024