Rap Club will offer a journey across genres, languages, and cultures.

This year, the Metronome will host both established and emerging stars of the rap scene. With live accompaniment, we'll introduce Paulie Garand and the legend of Czech rap, James Cole, alongside Meizyy, Annet X, and Nobodylisten.

Beyond the boundaries of genres, you'll be taken on a journey by rap-metal producer and singer Redzed, or Rohony, who has recently captivated audiences not only with his unique fusion of rap, dance music, and country rock but also with the series "The Return of the King" about his (mis)adventures on football fields.

Representing the German scene will be Albi X, whose lyrics utilize a fantastic fusion of Lingala, French, and English. From the UK, a big name that stood at the dawn of grime - London MC and rapper Ghetts, whose debut mixtape "2000 & Life" is considered by critics as a classic of the genre and forever influenced the shape of British urban music. Alongside him will perform the young but already very successful Ayrtn or Rushy with hits like "Trippidy Trap" and "Hi! Bye!"

23. 04. 2024