Viral Sensation THE BLAZE - first headliner at Metronome Prague 2024

We have introduced to you a new identity and announced that together we will go BEYOND THE BOUNDARIES OF MUSIC. Who else to embark on this journey with than The Blaze? The French duo entered the world of music from the realms of film and photography, evident not only in their highly narrative music videos, for which they have garnered numerous awards, but also in their performances. During their sets, they blend musical production with their cinematic artistry.

Witnessing The Blaze live is, therefore, an audio-visual experience that draws the audience into emotive stories told through music and powerful visual projections.

Even the performances of Icelandic musician Daði Freyr are not just about the music. In June, he will showcase his iconic choreographies that have made him one of the most distinctive participants in recent editions of the Eurovision Song Contest. So, start practicing the viral dance to the hit "Think About Things" as soon as possible, so we can all kick it off together in June.


17. 01. 2024