Visualization of the VIP zone

We've prepared a new look for the VIP zone, are you excited?

Its concept is different from previous years, but the view of the main stage remains.

Enjoy the music experience to the maximum! The VIP zone with limited capacity is slowly filling up, so don't hesitate to buy tickets. You can choose from three-day tickets for seating or standing.


  • Entry to the entire Metronome Prague program, including the covered VIP zone
  • Your own bar and food with an exceptional and wider selection at festival prices
  • Enjoyable facilities with sufficient capacity
  • Children's play area with activities along with professional supervision
  • Comfortable sanitary facilities
  • Separate entrance
  • VIP SEATING ticket also includes a guaranteed seating in an unnumbered grandstand with a unique view of the main stage



10. 02. 2023