Daði Freyr is a prominent figure in recent editions of the Eurovision Song Contest, not only for his height of 208 cm but especially for his brilliantly crafted pop hits "Think About Things" and "10 Years," which became viral sensations thanks to Eurovision.

His creative talent is evident not only in his original songs but also in the visualizations and iconic dance choreographies of his performances. He is accompanied by the group Gagnamagnið, in which his two sisters sing with him, and his wife, Árný Fjóla Ásmundsdóttir, plays the keyboards. His family and wife are the driving force behind Daði, inspiring his lyrics. The first hit, "Think About Things," with which he represented Iceland at Eurovision 2020, was written after becoming a father and reflects on how such a life change brought him closer to the people around him. In the second hit, "10 Years," released a year later, he expresses gratitude to his wife for their beautiful relationship.

In his music, Daði Freyr experiments with sound, often using older instruments or microphones from his father, who is a sound engineer. In his unique musical and visual style, elements of 80s and 90s pop culture are frequently found.



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