The group with the charismatic singing guitarist Alexandra Langošová has been on the music scene since 1995. Their music has earned them several nominations for the Anděl Award, but it wasn't until this year that they managed to win it. November 2nd finally took home the Album of the Year award for 2023 after years of waiting and deservedly so. Their album titled November 2nd, released on the second of November, had already been praised by music editors from Musicserver and Headliner at the end of last year.

While the previous musical material of the originally Hranice-based band sounded like a tasteful mix of rock and songwriting, according to music journalists, the new repertoire pushes the band towards a more rock-oriented, bluesy aggressive sound with influences from soul and electronics. In addition to Langošová, the band consists of guitarist Roman Helcl, bassist Jakub Vejnar, and drummer Petr Ptáček.

When and where?

20.6.2024 16:15 - 17:00