The French music duo, The Blaze, consists of cousins Guillaume Alric and Jonathan Alric. They reveal their artistic selves through a combination of electronic music, audiovisual elements, and emotive lyrics. Before delving into music, both were involved in the world of cinematography and photography. They believe these two worlds (music and picture) are inseparable. Their creations thus form atmospheric and evocative soundscapes, and during live performances, they blend their musical production with the art of film.

With music videos garnering hundreds of millions of views on YouTube, The Blaze has earned numerous awards. Their first single Virile and subsequent EP Territory (2017), quickly gained recognition from both audiences and critics. Their debut album, Dancehall (2018), propelled them onto major global stages. In their second album, Jungle released in March last year, they reflect on their experiences from touring various world metropolises. The album provides a glimpse into the inner workings of the ubiquitous concrete jungle, where intimate stories and emotions are hidden.

A performance by The Blaze is an audiovisual journey that draws the audience into emotive narratives told through music and powerful visual projections.



When and where?

22.6.2024 21:00 - 22:30